Tri Cities Walleye Fishing

Tri City Guide Service is a premiere provider for Columbia River walleye fishing and Snake River Walleye fishing near Kennewick, Pasco and Richland WA. Captain Chris has been successfully guiding clients for these incredibly tasty gamefish since 2003 and knows all the hot spots/techniques to target them. Whether it is a freezer full of white fillets or that trophy of a lifetime we can tailor the right trip to make the walleye fishing day of a lifetime for you.

A non-native species to our local rivers and lakes these popular game fish have been gaining popularity in this area very fast due to high catch rates and some of the best trophy potential in North America. With the current WA state record over 20lbs caught right in our back yard many anglers believe the next world record over 25lbs will come from the Tri City area. Walleye populations in the areas of the Columbia River we fish are growing so strong that Washington and Oregon fish managers recently removed all daily and size limits on these fish to reduce predation on our threatened salmon and steelhead smolt during the summers. Tri City Guide Service aims to provide a great catch without damaging the future of the trophy fishery and recommends the release of all walleye over 25 inches with an exception of trophies kept for skin mount taxidermy. Tri City Guide Service is always prepared to handle trophy fish by taxidermist instructions and can deliver your trophy or refer you to a local taxidermist.

Walleye is a year round fishery with quality eating fish in the 1-4lb range being very common and many days catching larger size fish from 5lbs up to the coveted trophy 10+lb range. Walleye is also the perfect fish for combo trips to double your fun with white sturgeon, salmon, shad and smallmouth bass making great combo options available throughout the entire year.

A guided walleye fishing trip with Tri City Guide Service is great for anglers of all ages and all experience levels as it is one of the most action packed fishing trips we offer where catching is the main focus of your day. Many other species of fish are often caught incidentally on the same day including smallmouth bass, channel catfish, yellow perch, white sturgeon, sucker, carp and even the occasional steelhead. All fish kept are filleted and bagged to your liking on all trips including the walleye cheeks often overlooked by other anglers.

Book a trip today and see why Tri City Guide Service is one of the most successful walleye guide services in Eastern Washington with anglers returning year after year to fill their freezers with these great eating fish. As always schedule well in advance for best dates especially during pre-spawn trophy season and summer weekends. Tri City Guide Service books multiple veteran guide boats for best date availability and can accommodate large multiple boat groups with enough notice.