Items for your fishing trip

(In order of importance)

1. Washington State Freshwater fishing license. You will also need a catch record card if fishing for Salmon, Steelhead or Sturgeon. If fishing for Salmon or Steelhead you will also need a Columbia River Salmon/Steelhead endorsement.

2. Proper Clothing (Always dress warmer than you think! It is cooler on the water than it is in town. Rain gear is recommended even if it is not forecast to rain. Hat, gloves and boots are items often overlooked. Extra rain gear and warm clothing is always on board the vessel if needed.)

3. Food and Beverages (Bring whatever you would like to eat and drink. A cooler is recommended April – October, I can provide a cooler with ice for you if requested. Alcoholic beverages are allowed as long as they are consumed wisely.)

4. Camera and/or Camcorder (Pictures tell your fishing story best and preserve the memory for years to come! (There is always a digital camera on board the vessel)

5. Sunglasses (Very important when on the water)

6. Suntan lotion and Chapstick.

Absolutely NO Bananas or Fried Chicken allowed on board the vessel!

Also please refrain from pumping gas in the morning before fishing it may hamper your success!